Janet Evanovich – Dangerous Minds

Dangerous Minds is the second novel in the Knight & Moon series by bestselling author Janet Evanovich.

The release date of Dangerous Minds was June 20, 2017.

Dangerous Minds book description

Buddhist monk Wayan Bagus lost his island of solitude and wants to get it back. The island was about two hundred miles northeast of Samoa. It had a mountain, beaches, a rainforest, and a volcano. And now it’s gone. Poof! Vanished without a trace.

Brilliant and boyishly charming Emerson Knight likes nothing better than solving an unsolvable, improbable mystery. And finding a missing island is better than Christmas morning in the Knight household.

When clues lead to a dark and sinister secret that is being guarded by the National Park Service, Emerson will need to assemble a crack team for help. Since a crack team isn’t available, he enlists Riley Moon and his cousin Vernon.

Riley Moon has a Harvard business degree and can shoot the eyes out of a grasshopper at fifty feet, but she can’t figure out how to escape the vortex of Emerson Knight’s odd life. Vernon has been Emerson’s loyal and enthusiastic partner in crime since childhood. He now lives in an RV behind Emerson’s house.

Together, this ragtag, mismatched, off-the-bubble trio will embark on a worldwide investigation that will expose a conspiracy one hundred years in the making, and hopefully, once again, they will save the world.

Janet Evanovich Dangerous Minds

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